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Industries Served

  • · Commercial Properties
  • · Manufacturing Facilities
  • · Commercial Facilities
  • · Residential Facilities
  • · Retail Facilities
  • · Airports
  • · Hotels
  • · Hospitals
  • · Office Buildings
  • · Universities

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Genergy's web based energy management platform, allows users to gather and view energy consumption data in real time. Users of gEnergyOne can monitor multiple utilities at numerous locations giving them full control of their energy consumption and expenses. Additionally, the gEnergyOne Platform provides the necessary tools to recover energy expense from tenants or departments.

gEnergyOne System Includes:

  • · Online energy consumption data
  • · Real Time monitoring/access to metering devices
  • · Fast, reliable and accurate billing services
  • · Live data integration onto relation CAD databases
  • · Imports data from many popular building automation systems
  • · Storage capabilities for all building systems drawings

gEnergyOne System Assists with:

  • · Managing your energy operations more efficiently
  • · Monitoring of gas, electricity, steam, and chilled water
  • · Saving time gathering Data
  • · Reducing Energy Costs
  • · Obtaining best pricing for energy


"The genergyOne System provides us with the ability to track both revenue and expense for the energy component of our operations on a real-time basis. It also places a tremendous amount of valuable statistical, operational, and property specific data at our fingertips."

Gerard V. Schumm, RPA
Vice President
Trizec Properties
Noth East Region

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